About Triton

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Triton Engineering Services Limited was incorporated in 1964 to provide professional consulting services in the field of municipal engineering including servicing, roads and transportation, wastewater and potable water treatment, structures, development and administration and advisory services. The firm is owned and controlled by its Principals, operating from offices in Orangeville, Fergus, Gravenhurst and Harriston.

Our Vision

To improve and strengthen consulting engineering services offered in the Civil Engineering field in response to the changing needs of our clients and public, while respecting professional, environmental and ethical standards.

Our Values

In the quest to realize our vision, we are committed to the following core values:

  • Ensure that high standards of health and safety are a fundamental objective
  • Respect for our professional code of ethics, the environmental and quality of services
  • Encourage a strong work ethic, sense of pride and challenge our employees to realize our vision in the work place
  • Foster a working environment that encourages excellence, innovation and creativity, inspires and promotes personal and career development and encourages open and effective communication and interaction

Our Mission


It is our corporate mission to offer consulting engineering services of the highest quality to promote the success of our clients, while ensuring the continued economic viability of the firm.



Our firm is committed to responsible environmental stewardship. We endeavour to respect the environment and promote sustainable development through decisions and practices that impact the long term viability of local, provincial, national and global environs.



Our focus is to promote solutions to conserve energy and reduce the need for non-renewable natural resources. We look for opportunities to promote energy efficiency and encourage our clients to consider environmental sustainability in their decision making.


Triton Engineering is committed to supporting communities by improving quality of life through the realization of our vision and investing in education, the environment and health and well-being of the public.