Development and Reconstruction

Development Review Services

As part of our role as Municipal Engineers for our clients, we provide Development Review Services. This service includes peer review of Site Plan and Subdivision design submissions; assistance with preparation of subdivision and site plan agreements, bylaws, service finance agreements and pre-development reports; liaison with developers, municipal staff and approval agencies.  Clients past and present include Townships of Centre Wellington, Southgate, West Garafraxa, Pilkington and Eramosa, and the Towns of Parry Sound and Orangeville.

Deer Pit Rehabilitation

Location: Town of Erin

Project Value: $1.6 Million

This project involved the rehabilitation of a 20 acre abandoned gravel pit that was receiving urban runoff water. The site was rehabilitated to a fully functional stormwater management facility with a new outlet, featuring permanent ponds. Aboud and Associates prepared the landscaping plans, featuring native species. The project was developed with the approval of Credit Valley Conservation. Completed in 2010.

Audrey Meadows

Location: Town of Puslinch

Project Value: $2.5 Million

The Audrey Meadows Subdivision included the development of 40 hectares for 49 residential lots. The project included extensive stormwater management and reconstruction of Victoria Road (Township Road) to accommodate the new entrances for the development. The project included building a new road and stormwater management facility. This project also included extensive planning for major utilities including hydro, natural gas and communications.

New Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Station

Location: Teviotdale

Project Value: $5.5 Million

The project included the development for lands to accommodate the new OPP Station (Teviotdale). The new building included site grading, stormwater management facility, sidewalk, entrance, parking, lighting, landscaping, and necessary utilities.

Wellington Place Development

Location: County of Wellington

Project Value: $4.0 Million

Wellington Place is a 100 acre municipal campus between Fergus and Elora that will be the site of the new Groves Memorial Hospital and other municipal and educational facilities. Triton has been involved since the outset in preparing land use plans, carrying out a subwatershed study, design of roadways, and design of Stormwater Management Facilities.  Aboud and Associates have carried out the Environmental Impact Studies and delineated sensitive areas for protection. Completed in 2014.

Elora Street (WR109)

Location: Town of Minto

Project Value: $2.2 Million

The reconstruction of Elora Street (Downtown Commercial Area Harriston) included the replacement of trunk watermain and services, sanitary sewer repairs, asphalt, concrete sidewalk and curb, brick boulevards and decorative lighting. The local businesses were included in the design process to ensure that access was maintained and disruptions were kept to a minimum. Numerous public meetings were held and many of these suggestions were incorporated into the final design. The project was specifically schedules and tendered to ensure that the progress was maximized and disruptions were kept to a minimum. Streetscaping including trees, planting beds, brick boulevards and decorative street lighting was a major focus point of the reconstruction.

Reconstruction Projects

Church Street Reconstruction

Location: Township of Centre Wellington

Project Value: $1.1 Million

This project involved the replacement of various municipal infrastructure including watermain, sanitary sewer, storm sewer and sidewalk. Triton designed a roundabout feature around the focal point, Knox Presbyterian Church, as part of the urbanization project. The utility relocation component of the project involved decorative street lights adding safety and tourist appeal of downtown Elora.  Project completed in 2011.

Second Line, Nichol Reconstruction

Location: Township of Centre Wellington

Project Value: $1.0 Million (Phase 1)

$1.3 Million (Phase 2)

This project involved the rehabilitation of 5.5 km of a rural arterial road. Triton completed the design improving roadside safety through the project with new culverts and existing structures.  Road re-alignment and vertical curve improvements was also undertaken. This project was phased over 2 years to accommodate budget restraints.  Phase 1 was completed in 2013 and final completion with Phase 2 in 2014.

Wellington Road 34 at Wellington Roads 32 and 35 Intersection Improvements (Roundabouts)

Location: County of Wellington

Project Value: $1.1 Million

As the EDR for Highway 401 between Guelph and Cambridge, Wellington Road 34 is a major arterial rural bypass road. Originally constructed as four way intersections with traffic control by flashing amber lights, Triton re-designed both intersections with roundabouts.  The new design allows for constant traffic flow through the intersections when the EDR is activated including the movement of transport trucks through the roundabout.  Triton completed the re-design involving the necessary public meetings and contract administration while maintaining EDR traffic during construction. Completion date 2013.

Wellington Road 45 Reconstruction

Location: County of Wellington

Project Value: $900 Thousand

Wellington Road 45 is the main street in Glen Allan. Originally constructed to a rural standard with partial storm sewer system. Triton designed the 1.0 km project with the urban standard for urbanized areas including storm sewer design, defined parking lanes and sidewalk, and completing the last phase with the Glen Allan bridge re-alignment. This project was completed in 2011.

Wellington Road 124 Passing Lane (Brucedale to Everton)

Location: County of Wellington

Project Value: $1.1 Million

Originally constructed as a rural two-lane highway standard, it was upgraded to a three lane cross-section in 2011. Triton worked closely with the County’s asphalt consultants to design the 1.7 km passing lane project.  Triton reviewed alternative and completed design to accommodate lane design widths without acquiring additional property.  Completion date 2011.

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