Audrey Meadows (Township of Puslinch)


The Audrey Meadows Subdivision included the development of 40 hectares for 49 residential lots. The project included extensive stormwater management and reconstruction of Victoria Road (Township Road) to accommodate the new entrances for the development. The project included building a new road and stormwater management facility. This project also included extensive planning for major utilities including hydro, natural gas and communications.

Triton’s Services for this Project:

  • Detailed design of roadway including drainage design and storm sewers, mass grading cut and fill balance calculations
  • Obtain all necessary approvals (Conservation Authority, MOECC for storm and Municipal Approval)
  • Topographic Surveying
  • Preliminary consultation and coordination with all required utilities
  • Preparation of Design and Contract Plan and Profile Drawings
  • Preparation of contract documents, specifications, tendering, contract administration and resident supervision
  • Certification of the Works completed with Record Drawings
  • Ongoing Consultation during construction of the Development
  • Capital Cost of $2.5 million