Mount Forest Wastewater Treatment Plant


The Township of Wellington North initiated a project to expand wastewater treatment in Mount Forest to accommodate growth in the service area and improve plant operations.

Triton’s Services for this Project:

  • Completed an Addendum to a previously completed Schedule C Class Environmental Assessment Environmental Study Report (ESR) where the recommendation was changed from increasing the capacity of the existing facility by stacking treatment components to constructing a new treatment plant at a different location and converting the existing facility into the main pumping station for the community
  • A new raw sewage pumping station was constructed at the old treatment facility the existing aeration tanks and secondary clarifiers were converted to flow equalization tanks.
  • Construction of a 1.3 km long 300 mm diameter forcemain from the pumping station to the treatment plant complete with a surge vessel tank to control transient pressures
  • The new wastewater treatment plant includes automatic screening with washing and compaction of the screenings, grit removal, septic receiving station, fine bubble diffused air aeration tanks, secondary clarifiers, tertiary filtration, UV disinfection, aerobic sludge digestion and biosolids storage.
  • Completed final design and construction contract administration
  • Secured funding from federal and provincial governments