West Side Sewage Pumping Station


The City of Owen Sound undertook an upgrade program to their sewage collection and treatment systems. The first to improve system performance.  Modifications to the West Side Sewage Pumping Station represented the first phase of a program to minimize raw sewage bypass events to Owen Sound Harbour. Other projects that are scheduled included an extensive program to replace combined sewers, an Infiltration/Inflow reduction program and modifications to the Influent Works of the City’s Sewage Treatment Plant.

  • Completion of a Schedule B Class Environmental Assessment for the installation of standby power at the station
  • Completed station upgrades to increase the capacity to 202 L/s from 150 L/s using a jockey pump/storm pump system (3 pumps total) complete with variable frequency drives in a wet well/dry well configuration to accommodate the wide flow variation at the facility (35 L/s to 202 L/s)
  • Completed final design and construction contract administration