Pedestrian Bridge at Bissell Park, Elora (Township of Centre Wellington)


The former Village of Elora undertook the construction of a pedestrian bridge crossing the Grand River at Bissel Park. The project comprised the planning, design, and construction of a 60m x 2.4m single span prefabricated steel box truss pedestrian bridge across the Grand River, at a new location, and elevated substructure and approaches in accordance with a Schedule “B” Environmental Assessment. The project also included illumination of the bridge and approaches, reinforced concrete abutments extending 4.0m above water level and landscaping of the adjacent park.

Triton’s services for this project:

  • Total Project Management for the former Village of Elora (now Township of Centre Wellington)
  • Detailed design and contract package preparation
  • Obtaining authorization for the work from GRCA, MNR, and Transport Canada (Navigable Waters)
  • Contract Administration and construction inspection
  • Project was constructed in 1998 at a cost of $220,000