Hoc Roc River Bridge Rehabilitation (District of Muskoka)


The District of Muskoka undertook the rehabilitation of a pre-stressed precast concrete box girder bridge spanning 20.1m over the Hoc Roc River, near Gravenhurst. The work included the construction of a temporary detour comprising a 21.3m temporary modular bridge to maintain traffic to the Sands resort. The bridge rehabilitation design included conversion of the bridge to a semi-integral abutment type bridge to eliminate the expansion joints, substructure repairs, and modification of the railing system to meet current standards.

Triton’s services for this project:

  • Total Project Management for the District of Muskoka
  • Detailed design and contract package preparation for the bridge rehabilitation and temporary detour
  • Obtaining authorization for the work from DFO and Transport Canada (Navigable Waters), including development of a fish habitat compensation plan
  • Contract administration and construction inspection
  • The project was constructed in the winter of 2003 at a cost of $740,000