Reconstruction of Elora Street (WR109)


The reconstruction of Elora Street (Downtown Commercial Area Harriston) included the replacement of trunk watermain and services, sanitary sewer repairs, asphalt, concrete sidewalk and curb, brick boulevards and decorative lighting. The local businesses were included in the design process to ensure that access was maintained and disruptions were kept to a minimum.  Numerous public meetings were held and many of these suggestions were incorporated into the final design. The project was specifically scheduled and tendered to ensure that the progress was maximized and disruptions were kept to a minimum.  Streetscaping including trees, planting beds, brick boulevards and decorative streetlighting was a major focus point of the reconstruction.

Triton’s services for this project:

  • Detailed design of roadway, storm sewers, and watermain
  • Obtain all necessary approvals
  • Topographic Surveying
  • Preliminary consultation and coordination with all Utilities
  • Pre-consultation including Public Meetings
  • Preparation of Design and Contract Plan and Profile Drawings
  • Preparation of contract documents, specifications, tendering, contract administration and resident supervision
  • Ongoing Consultation during construction of the Development
  • Capital Cost $2.2 million